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An ICO exclusively designed for Hybrid Digital Asset Exchange ( HiDAEX ) with our proposed SVAN.

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SVAN Pre-Sale Round 2
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1 SVAN – 0.25,    Min. Purchase – 100 SVAN


We Accept - BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH


The Hybrid I-Digital Asset Exchange (HiDAEX)

An ICO exclusively designed for Savan Capital (HK) Ltd, in compliance with its vision to support the development of the First ASEAN IFC in Savannakhet by enabling its platform with our proposed Savan – A regulated Digital Asset which envisions to be a support to the
development of Savan eCo-city (SeCC).

A digital asset which adheres to its principle of transparency, reliability, accountability and responsibility – A decentralised crypto tradeable unit complementing the digital asset investment environment. ( i.e. Crypto Valley and Crypto Digital Asset Exchange). This effort is designed to empower global start-ups, especially technology-centric enterprises to host their ventures in Savan eCoCity and other related projects -for the people by the people. The World’s First True Hybrid Exchange,

  • Regional Fintech Incubation Centre
  • Government Endorsed Initiative
  • Blockchain Enabled
  • Tax Efficient
  • Multi-Asset & Currency Platform

Why the need for Hybrid Exchange ?

  • Faster settlement and trade processes
  • Lower transaction cost
  • Multi asset integration

Why a true Hybrid Exchange is difficult to be implemented ?

  • Legislation – The recognition of crypto as a class of asset and amendment to the existing laws and regulation of the industry
  • Ecosystem – The impact of a one-day shutdown to an intertwined stock exchange ecosystem is devastating to the economy
  • Operation – Time consuming & costly to train existing human workforce in the industry
  • Infrastructure – Cost billions and years to implement the integration to the existing legacy system stretching from stockbroking firms to government tax office

How HiDAEX can implement the hybrid exchange ?

  • HiDAEX is manned by a team capable and prestigious enough to deliver the World’s First True Hybrid Exchange.
  • HiDAEX is created without any precedent thus matter regards to all above such as legislation, infrastructure, ecosystem, and operation can be form from start thus it is not bog down from any old issues.
  • HiDAEX is fully supported by the Government of Laos making it the first truly regulated Hybrid Exchange in ASEAN.
Fiat-Crypto Gateways
Seamless API Integration
Multi-Asset Trading Platform
LOW Transaction Fee
Distributed Public Ledger
24/7 Trading

Financial Infrastructure

The digital finance blueprint for Hybrid Digital Asset Exchange (HiDAEX) to encourage and promote trade, investment, banking and entrepreneurship development in the Mekong Region.


Savannakhet Province

Lao P.D.R

Strategic Partners




Enablers & Beneficiaries

Hybrid Digital Asset Exchange Integration
Fintech Research And Development Hub
Laos International Financial Exchange (LIFE)
  • Acknowledged Project Initiative
  • User Friendly Legislation
  • Pre-approved financial facilitation – Investment Banking & Commercial Banking
  • Integrated blockchain enabled Marketplace
  • Integrated  Blockchain enabled business operations system
  • Contribution to the development of International Integrated FinTech Hub
  • New Age – Hybrid Exchange with IPO Status
  • Interoperability
  • Convertible Medium of Exchange
  • Security
  • Experienced professionals from various fields as team and advisors


The Coin Issuance

Savan (SVAN) is an instrument exclusively designed to support the development of Hybrid Digital Asset Exchange (HiDAEX) to encourage and promote trade, investment, banking and entrepreneurship development in the Greater Mekong Region. The SVAN will be the common denominator for exchange in the SAVAN Ecosystem.

Coin Name
Total Coins Supply
2,000,000,000 SVAN
Pre-Sale Starts
1st March 2019 00:00 GMT
ICO Ends
31st October 2019 00:00 GMT
ICO Coins Allocation
1,000,000,000 SVAN (50%)
Exchange Rate
1 SVAN = USD 1.00
Accepted Currencies

Round 1

March 2019
60 Days

1 SVAN - USD 0.25

Round 2

May 2019
60 Days

1 SVAN - USD 0.66

Round 3

July 2019
60 Days

1 SVAN - USD 0.91


September 2019
60 Days

1 SVAN - USD 1.00


Download our documentation and learn more about
our project details.

We Accept - BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH


Management Team
Marketing & Affiliates
Public Sales
Bounty, Referrals
Legal & Partners




Q4 2018
  • Savan Coin Concept and Technical Design
  • Whitepaper First Draft
  • Savan Core Development Team Formation
  • Seed Round
  • Identification of The Key Project Partners (MOU on dev of Savan City)
Q1 2019
  • Initial Legal Structure
  • Whitepaper Publication and Landing Page Creation
  • Whitelist\Private Sale and Pre ICO
  • Blockchain Development
  • Savan Marketing Campaign
Q2 2019
  • Start ICO
  • Continued Savan Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile and Web Wallet Development
  • Savan API Development
Q3 2019
  • Savan Wallet Testing and Debugging
  • Development Update
  • Savan Wallet Beta Release
  • SavanBlocks™ Beta Release
  • Initiate Hybrid Exchanger Development
Q4 2019
  • ICO End
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Web and Mobile Wallet Release
  • SavanBlocks™ Release
  • Coindrop
Q1 2020
  • Hybrid Exchange Development testing
  • Integration of SVAN with SEZA’s OSS (One Stop Service Center)
Q2 2020
  • Hybrid Exchange enhancement
  • Preparation on UAT
Q3 2020
  • Final testing and UAT
  • Alpha Release on Hybrid Exchange
Q4 2020
  • Final System Integration
  • Final UAT
  • Beta release


Chan Chai Jaturaphagorn

Non-Executive Chairman

Dr. Aziz Abu Hassan

CEO / Chief Investment Officer

Megat Kamaruddin

Chief Financial Officer

Aubrey O’Hara

Chief Operating Officer

Azrin Wahab

Chief Technology Officer

Irwan Hanafy

Creative & Marketing Director

Technical Team

Ezu Helmy

Lead Blockchain Developer

Mohit Mali

Blockchain Developer

Deepak Raturi

Blockchain Developer

Hari Shankar

Blockchain Developer

Hakim Wahab

Project Crypto Evangelist

A. Mustaqim

System Analyst

A. Qudos Al-Nahari

Blockchain Specialist

Corporate Advisory

Khor See Lin

Legal, Risk & Compliance

Azham Azudin

Project/Corporate Advisor

Jordan Ooi

Project Specialist

Erin Foo

Corporate Services

Advisory Board

Dr. Uthen Buasomboon

FMR Dir. Gen. Dept. of Trade Negotiations., Min. of Comm., Thailand

Piramol Charoenpao

FMR Dep, Permanent Sec., Min. of Comm., Thailand

Dato Seri Matthew Yeoh

Legal Advisor

KC See

Founder Quest Corp Global Inc.

Frequently Asked

What is initial coin offering ?

An initial coin offering (ICO), also known as a digital asset sale or crowdsale, is a way of raising funds from the public for the development of a product outside of the traditional VC world. Usually products are blockchain-based technologies, but the crowdsale model is increasingly being used for other kinds of projects as well.

Each project creates a new cryptocurrency in the form of digital asset, which are then sold to the public to raise funds for project development. If a product successfully completes their ICO funding goal, their digital asset are distributed to those who bought them and they become tradeable on the cryptocurrency market. If the product itself is then successful, these tokens can potentially become very valuable

What is cryptocurrency ?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange; its emission and control is decentralised based on blockchain technology. Along with counterfeiting protection, blockchain technology ensures that there is no need for any internal or external administrator capable of influencing the next transaction. Cryptocurrencies only exist electronically and do not have any physical equivalent.

What is blockchain ?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that contains the history of every transaction recorded within a specific network. For public blockchains, like Bitcoin, anyone can download a copy of the blockchain, and it can be inspected to trace the path of bitcoins from one bitcoin transaction to another.

What is wallet ?

Just like a traditional wallet that you carry in your pocket, a blockchain asset wallet is used to store money or digital assets. The difference is that instead of storing a collection of bills and cards, a blockchain asset wallet stores a collection of private keys.

What are Exchange ?

An exchange is a system (website or application), where you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency for another one at the current prices. The prices move based on supply and demand, shown by traders.

How to join, invest and participate in this ICO ?

You need to sign up through our sign-up page you will receive an email that will instruct you on the AML/KYC process. This process must be completed for you to participate in the ICO. Please visit https://isavan.io/signup

When will the SVAN airdrop be carried out ?

We will inform everyone via our Telegram channel when and if it is scheduled. Stay tuned.

What happens to the unsold SVAN, if any ?

The unsold SVAN will be kept in reserve or burnt, to be decided by management in future.

Is there a breakdown of how the funds raised from the ICO will be utilised ?

Yes. Please refer to our ICO website and whitepaper.

When can I sell SVAN ?

You can sell your SVAN after SVAN has been listed and is active on any Exchange.

I bought SVAN durings the Presale. When will I receive my SVAN ?

Presale contributors will receive SVAN before our listing in any exchange. Notifications and instructions will be sent via email.

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